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Arranged on the banks of stream Elbe, Dresden is the capital of the free province of Saxony. One of the most established urban communities of the area, it’s likewise seemingly the most excellent in the entire of Germany. Truth be told it was known as the Jewel Box of Europe because of the various florid and ornate structures in the old piece of the town, and the huge fortunes showed at the Green Vault.

Frauenkirchen Dresden saxony

Frauenkirchen Dresden

rococo building dresden saxony

An extravagant working in Dresden

History of Dresde

The brilliant period of Dresden goes back to the seasons of Augustus II the Strong (mid eighteenth Century), who made the city his capital and constructed the various building milestones of the city like the world renowned Zwinger royal residence. It kept on being a social focal point of workmanship in Europe till the start of the second world war. Known for it’s engineering, the city was likewise regularly known as the ‘Rococo capital of the world’.

World War II Bombing

Amid the most recent months of the Second World War, Dresden was shelled out totally, in what is presently considered by numerous individuals as a superfluous corrective strike. What added to the debate was the way that mechanical and army bases outside the city were not focused on and just recorded structures were specifically bombarded and crushed totally. The shelling was serious that upto 25,000 regular citizens passed on.

After the war Dresden turned into a piece of East Germany and remaking was a moderate and costly procedure. Indeed even today, the reproduction work is going on, much still should be finished. Be that as it may, dresden today is a long ways from what it resembled multi day after the bombarding.

Post re-unification, the city has changed significantly. From a social center point for the craftsmen and the draftsmen, the city currently likewise has an addictive energetic vibe. The old and the new coincide flawlessly and combine consistently. In the event that there are historical centers and royal residences on one side of stream Elbe, the opposite side is an ideal paradise for the individuals who love the German nightlife.

Hofkirchen Dresden in the night dresden italian church

Hofkirchen Dresden in the night

Spots to find in Dresden

For some explorers, Dresden is a stop-over area among Berlin and Prague and that is a significant disgrace as the city has such a great amount to offer. Here are a portion of my most loved activities in Germany!

Gems of the old city:

Dresden is as yet the social capital of Germany and is a standout amongst the most astonishing spots to find craftsmanship and history. Here are the absolute best places that can’t be missed in Dresden – Zwinger Palace, Semper Opera, Brühlsche Terrassen, Procession of Princes, The Catholic Court Church, Brühl’s Terrace.

semper musical drama dresden saxony direct

Semper Opera

parade of the rulers dresden saxony direct

Wall painting – Procession of the Kings (Fürstenzug)

Dresden Frauenkirche:

The congregation was totally decimated in the bombarding amid the war, and it’s as of late that it was remade and opened once more. In a couple of brief years, it has by and by turned into the image of the city and is an unquestionable requirement visit goal.


I cherish exhibition halls and it’s the most ideal approach to find another city for me, and Dresden doesn’t disillusion here. Since my insight into Saxony was so poor when I visited the city, the historical centers were my collaboration to it’s past and rich heritage. On the off chance that you like galleries, it bodes well to purchase a Dresden Museum Card. A solitary card costs €22 and gives free access to 14 exhibition halls with a legitimacy of two days. It’s a smart thought to book them ahead of time.

war exhibition hall dresden saxony direct

War Museum

roman busts dresden saxony control

Some roman busts at the gallery

Christmas Markets:

Dresden is the home of the most established Christmas advertise in Germany and this in itself is a sufficient motivation to visit Dresden in the months paving the way to Christmas celebration. Try not to miss the incredible Striezelmarkt Dresden and the Medieval Christmas Market in the old city.

A visit to a Christmas showcase is inadequate without a couple of glasses of Gluehwein, the hot wine which is ordinary of these business sectors. There are huge amounts of shops and practically every one of them serve great Gluehwein. With respect to shopping, I recommend you pick ginger bread and the wooden toys, on the off chance that you have children at home. I didn’t generally purchase anything for myself, aside from a jug of neighborhood wine.

Hang-out at Neustadt:

Directly over the stream Elbe from the old town, Neustadt is the new and the most happening piece of the city. Post reunification of the East and the West Germany, Neustadt has been an image of counter-culture and hostile to dictatorship. Visit Neustadt for some incredible bistros, dynamic road craftsmanship and getting the genuine and young vibe of the city.

German Sauna:

East German saunas are normally naked saunas and regularly blended . Nonetheless, as an explorer I would propose that you don’t get scandalized about it and visit one sauna to draw nearer to the nearby method for living. I didn’t think about them when I went into one, yet it didn’t dissuade me from getting a charge out of this one of a kind experince.

In the event that your lodging doesn’t have one as of now, experiment with this guide, Best 10 Saunas in Dresden, to discover one for yourself.

Pontoon voyage through the city:

Another extraordinary method to see Dresden and around is through a vessel ride on waterway Elbe. The courses gives you a chance to see numerous spots that you probably won’t most likely spread by walking or out and about, and gives a thought of how huge the city really is. On an end of the week vessel ride, it’s a typical sight to see individuals lazing around with their puppies on the banks and just perusing a book, or drink espresso.

In the event that you do design a visit, ensure you likewise have lunch on the watercraft itself. If not, in any event have a glass of shimmering white wine as you see some German life cruising by.

Peruse more: Dresden Boat Tours

pontoon ride dresden saxony control

Dresden from the vessel

The most ideal approach to find the city is through local people, and I met numerous local people amid my remain. On the off chance that you are interested to know more, do peruse my story on my meetings with the Germans here: Discover East Germany through individuals and their Stories.

Nourishment manual for Dresden

Dresden is a cosmopolitan city and has bunches of choices to eat out, both the customary German cooking just as world food. Here are probably the best places to eat in Dresden. Shockingly, I haven’t been to a significant number of these and quite a bit of it originates from the suggestions of my companion, Seema, there. By the way Seema is likewise a guide with Saxony Tourism and when you do visit Dresden, check her accessibility to indicate you around Dresden and around. She is a really pearl to have around when you travel, in addition to she is a ton of fun too 🙂

customary german eatery dresden saxony direct

A conventional German eatery in Dresden

To make things more straightforward, I have separated the spots to eat into four classifications, the last one is most significant for Indian voyagers there, yet would be incredible for any individual who cherishes Indian food 🙂

Set to Explore Hubli


Where to remain in Dresden?

I remained at a wide range of spots incorporating with an airbnb have. I adored remaining with a nearby and he even indicated me around the Christmas Markets and gave me tips to utilize the open transportation in the city. Later I likewise expressed at two great inns – Swissotel Dresden Am Scholss and inn Park Inn. Notwithstanding, if there is one thing I need to prescribe it will be Swissotel Dresden Am Scholss – it’s the official area and an inn with extraordinary administration.

How long to spend in Dresden?

All things considered, my suggestion is to go through something like multi week in Dresden. It will be sufficient to see both Dresden just as numerous different places around the city.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are shy of time, the city needs something like a long end of the week.

Activities around Dresden

Dresden is the capital of Saxony and is regent royal residence to begin your investigation of the state. From the excellent piles of Saxony Switzerland to the lively Leipzig, there is something for everybody in Saxony. Here are a portion of my most loved activities in Saxony.

Climb to Bastei Bridge:

Found pretty much a little ways from Dresden via train, these stone arrangements have enchanted voyagers for more than 200 years. Comfortable best, there is a delightful extension called Bastei Bridge.

Moritzburg Palace:

Moritzbug Castle was before a chasing cabin of Saxon sovereignty, and is currently a famous visitor goal, particularly on the ends of the week. It’s effectively reachable by neighborhood transportation from Dresden and merits a visit amid the brilliant hour at night.

Meissen Porcelain production line:

Situated at a separation of around 25 km from Dresden, this town of 30,000 occupants is known as the ‘support of Saxony’ and is most celebrated now for innovation of porcelain in Europe. Meissen additionally a stunning town loaded with old house, and a flawless church building on the peak.

Glashutte Museum:

Despite the fact that I didn’t think about the extravagance watch industry, there is one right in Saxony at Glashutte. A visit to a real watch production line is troublesome, yet one can visit the Glashutte historical center to find out about the business and it’s history.

Weesenstein Castle:

Manufactured at some point in the thirteenth Century, Weesenstein Castle has for quite some time been the pride of the free territory of Saxony. The mansion was with the Bünau family for 12 ages and they are to a great extent in charge of the manner in which the manor has advanced throughout the hundreds of years.

Wine sampling at Schloss Wackerbarth:

When I visited Schloss Wackerbarth, it waas winters and every one of the vines were trusting that spring will begin flourishing once more, yet I had a phenomenal wine sampling session there. Goodness, and you can likewise complete a voyage through the wine manufacturing plant too and on the off chance that you are fortunate, even a word with the Sommelier!

Visit Leipzig:

Lastly, a visit to Saxony is fragmented without a visit to its biggest city Leipzig. For long Leipzig has been a focal point of exchange and was notable as a host to World Fairs amid it’s primes. It assumed a tremendous job in the defeat of East Germany and the primary development for unification really sta

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