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Daman is a piece of the Union Territory of Daman and Diu, however truly they uncommon entirely far separated, particularly by street. It was likewise a Portuguese state and turned into a piece of Indian Union in 1961, 14 years after freedom and after a short fight with Portugal. The Portuguese came here in the sixteenth Century after a tempest and not long after turned into their province for the following 400 years. Obviously, they left their imprint, as they did in Goa (read more: Goa Beyond the Beaches) and Diu (Read progressively: Skinny plunging in Diu) and Diu is currently renowned for it’s exceptionally European design, found in old house and Churches. It is decisively consequently that it’s turned into a prevalent vacationer goal.

Here’s a Travel Guide to Daman dependent on my visit and individual encounters.

Daman ocean Gujarat Travel Tourism Guide water crafts nightfall brilliant light

The brilliant nightfall by and by!

It was a warm and sweat-soaked morning when we registered with our retreat at Daman. The way that we had achieved before ended up being an unforeseen help as we went through the following two hours submerged in the radiant pool tasting lager, and making some completely clever endeavors at jumping into the water. We were both learning free-form at the time, and displayed it to the whole gang.

Daman activities travel direct

Water crafts prepared to bring you into the ocean…

I had arranged an outing to this modest association domain on various events before, however was quite often debilitated to do as such subsequently never truly made it here. Daman’s progressively extraordinary cousin Diu had constantly removed voyagers, yet in addition spotlight from this little languid town.

Daman activities travel manage old town paths

A limited path in Motidaman

Daman activities travel direct old town paths

Portuguese Legacy

The Portuguese inheritance lives on in Daman – throughout everyday life, in structures (houses of worship, schools, fortresses, etc). The Portuguese association additionally makes the town somewhat more intriguing for some explorers, however not all. Being the nearest wet district in South Gujarat, its a well known goal for the individuals who need to wet their throats once in a while up close and personal. Brew streams at each corner and one can see the youthful group totally in the state of mind. Be that as it may, the spot is alright for every last one, and hooglism is uncommon.

House of prayer of Our Lady Church Daman activities travel direct

The Chapel of our Lady Rosary situated inside the stronghold

Sanctuary of Our Lady Church Daman Gujarat Travel Tourism Guide old town church lovely

The Chapel of our Lady Rosary

Stronghold Daman Gujarat Travel Tourism Guide old town church lovely

Daman stronghold

Daman stronghold ocean Gujarat Travel Tourism Guide vessels shoreline

Vessels seen from the Daman stronghold

There are numerous spots to see, similar to the strongholds and the temples and the shorelines, in any case, I would prescribe a vessel ride into the ocean between the Nanidaman and Motidaman. Its a basic ride, however amid nightfall it changes into something mystical. The pontoons and the undulating water turns brilliant as the sun sets and winged creatures float in the sky.

Daman ocean Gujarat Travel Tourism Guide India dusk brilliant light

The pontoon ride into the ocean while the sun was preparing to set…

Daman ocean Gujarat Travel Tourism Guide India man strolling into ocean wet


Me strolling into the ocean – Jhampore shoreline

Daman Jhampore shoreline ocean Gujarat Travel Tourism Guide India ponies on the shoreline sand

Carriage ride at the Jhampore shoreline

The Church of Bom Jesus

The Church of Bom Jesus is immense, exquisite and one of the primary attractions in the town. Be that as it may, and still, after all that it would be abandoned more often than not. Situated inside the Motidaman (which is likewise the legacy part of the two Damans), its a standout amongst the best enduring Churches in the region. Flanked by old houses on the sides and tree lined streets, the stroll to the Church from the pier is great.

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