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It was late in the night when we returned to Sariselka, after a flawless loosened up reindeer ride in the timberland. We strolled straight into a bar, rather fittingly named ‘Nearby’. It was our last night and our host David had been confident till a couple of hours back about locating the Northern Lights. In any case, all expectation was lost and we chose to swallow down cups of chips lager to suffocate the distresses for the botched chance.

As we strolled back to our inn directly over the road, I continued taking a gander at the sky, seeking after an opening where lights were preparing to give us the show of the lifetime. The sky stayed troubling, and mists never truly separated.

man male climbing lapland finland

Climbing – a well known action in Lapland

Back in the room, it was an alleviation to strip off every one of the layers of apparel and rest bare on my last night over the Arctic circle. A couple of times amid the night I was enticed to go out and keep an eye on the sky, yet the possibility of wearing all layers by and by was a major enough obstruction. Besides according to the climate gauges, the sky was probably going to open up just the following evening.

However, something changed when I took a short rest on the short departure from Lapland to Helsinki. I longed for reindeer, and snow, and cold, and the fairly unordinary experiences in the course of the last multi week in Finland. Aurora Borealis were such an imperative piece of my trek to Finland, that passing up them appeared to be a debacle. In any case, the more I contemplated it, the more I was persuaded that there was quite a lot more to do in Lapland than Northern Lights, regardless of whether that is the thing that the area is most renowned for.

church saariselka lapland finland

A congregation in Saariselka

Additionally, getting the Northern Lights depends a great deal in your karma, something like getting a look at a Tiger in Bandhavgarh Reserve in India. On the off chance that it occurs, it’s incredible, however that one thing shouldn’t generally characterize your whole safari experience. So on the off chance that you are arranging a visit up Finland, do acknowledge nature as eccentric, and you will return an a lot more joyful individual, regardless of whether you get the chance to observe the Northern Lights.

Obviously, Finland isn’t the main nation from where you can see these lights. Iceland is another extraordinary spot for that; read increasingly: Northern Lights in Iceland.

Lapland Beyond Northern Lights

Here are my best proposals of activities in Lapland past the Northern Lights.

Reindeer safari in the timberland

When you consider Finland, one of the principal things that strikes a chord are the adorable reindeer. It was just there that all reindeer are basically wild, yet they all have proprietors – the indigenous Sami individuals. In spite of the fact that the vast majority of them remain in the woodlands, a couple of remain with their proprietors amid the traveler season and were the essential methods for transportation, before snowmobile came in.

reindeer safari lapland finland

Reindeer Safari

So while you are there, investigate the Lapland the neighborhood way – with reindeer. You can complete a safari amid the day, however the better time method for doing it is in the night. Despite the fact that it’s a lot colder amid the night, the ride is moderate and you can truly unwind, and even rest off. Regularly your host will likewise stop for a blaze and espresso (it gets cold incredibly quick in your container), before turning back.

Cost: 95 euros/individual

Span: 2 hours

Snowmobile safari

The first occasion when I had a go at snowmobiling was in Spain, however it was an of every a pre-chosen track in an assigned zone. Be that as it may, Lapland was totally extraordinary – in addition to the fact that we drove our snowmobile in the most strange conceivable piece of the farmland, the whole ride was a sum of 40 km (20 km one way).

snowmobiling lapland finland

Snowmobiling in nature!

I was with my movement mate Nisha, and as he hand was harmed, I could drive it through the whole voyage, and I cherished it! Obviously being an incredible game, Nisha took care of the camera without gloves notwithstanding temperature dropping to underneath 10 degrees. Before turning back you can even stop by at a Sami home, lean-to, (it’s made for the vacationers) and have your lunch.

snowmobile gear lapland finland

I am prepared!

Riding the snowmobile isn’t simple, however you can get a hang of it in no time flat. We had a speed cutoff to pursue and the greatest that I could go up to was 35 km/hr. It’s not quick, yet fun, by and by!

Cost: 80 euros when two people share one

Term: 2h

There is another choice to take a night snowmobile to get the Northern Lights, and here are the cost subtleties for that:

Cost: 125 euros/individual when 2 people/snowmobile

Cost: 165 euros/individual when 1 individual/snowmobile

Span: 3 hours

Crosscountry skiing

Crosscountry skiing in Lapland keeps going from October to May, and it’s an unmissable experience sport, even to an Indian like me who has scarcely ever skied.

We had intended to ski when there was still some light, however we were postponed, and it was at that point dim when we came to Saariselka after the visit to the Sami gallery. In any case, it didn’t make a difference to such an extent as the track was sufficiently bright.

crosscountry skiing lapland finland

Crosscountry skiing in Lapland

In the wake of preparing with heaps of assistance, we were prepared to hit the tracks for our experience. However, it wound up being more enjoyable than experience, as everybody continued tumbling off 🙂 I fell twice and that was the best in the gathering. I truly wish we had more opportunity to ski, everybody was at that point showing signs of improvement when our time was up and we needed to set out back toward supper.

Cost: 64 euros/individual

Span: 2 hours

Investigate the Sami culture

Sami are known as the general population of the sun and wind, and number just around 70,000 on the planet. They have their own language (totally extraordinary structure Finnish) and culture which existed much before the nation was shaped.

sami culture lapland finland


A Sami lady weaving a material

In Finland, the Sami populace is amassed in Lapland and run numerous organizations there, including many experience sports. They are a neighborly and tranquil race and that is the thing that caused their devastation, however now all endeavors are being made to hold their way of life and praise their uniqueness.

So while you are in Lapland, ensure you make some Sami companions, eat their sustenance and find out about their way of life. The beginning stage could be a visit to the Sami exhibition hall, Siida, situated on the banks of Inari lake.

Historical center planning:

In winter, Sept. 20.2016 – May 31.2017, it’s open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tue. – Sun. (Mon. shut)

Different seasons, timings change a great deal and check ahead of time.

Passage ticket: 10 Euros.

Visit Santa’s town – Rovaniemi

Santa Clause Calus town is an entertainment mecca in Rovaniemi and opened rather as of late in 1985. It’s really conceivable to meet Santa Claus each and every day of the year (with a couple of uncommon special cases) and make your present demand!

Santa Clause claus rovaniemi lapland finland

Santa Clause Claus with the reindeer

Rovaniemi, the official habitation of Santa Claus, has various spots to remain and activities in the city. You can likewise fly straightforwardly there from Helsinki.

Cost: free

Lapland sauna

Sauna in Finland is a genuine business, and furthermore maybe one o the best time! Sauna was concocted in Finland hundreds of years go as a spot where individuals could go and clean themselves, and throughout the years it has advanced into a workmanship itself.

Nonetheless, Sauna in Lapland is novel. Generally, people sit in a hot sauna room, at that point exit in the extraordinary winter cold, and either take a dunk in virus water or come in the snow. What’s much progressively fun is that it’s everything done naked, which adds considerably more to the fun piece 🙂

Crevasse on Lapland berries

Ranua in Lapland is regularly known as the berry capital of the world, and when it’s summers, it’s additionally the ideal opportunity for scrounging the notable cloud-berries from the bogs. Privately known as hilla, even explorers can participate in picking them. Sadly, I was there in summers so couldn’t eat them new, however just had the canned variant, and very delighted in it.

cloud berries lapland finland


Live in a snow Igloo

Igloos are the homes of individuals living in Greenland, however at this point it’s even conceivable to live in an igloo in Finland too. Furthermore, these igloos are not the run of the mill houses, however glass igloos where you can rests in the night and watch the sky (with Northern Lights, in the event that you are fortunate).

There are numerous such places to remain in Lapland, and one of the more popular ones is known as Arctic SnowHouse and Glass Igloos. The igloo town is encompassed by pine trees and snow, and the experience is really supernatural!

glass igloo lapland finland

A run of the mill glass igloo

I didn’t remain in one this time, yet this will without a doubt be on my rundown when I do visit next time 🙂

Cost: The costs shift a ton dependent on where they are. The least expensive one that I discovered expenses around 210 euros at Nellimö. The expense can go as high up as 1000 euros in the best of the spots.

Imposing Safari

In contrast to reindeer, imposing safaris are a lot quicker and daring, than the considerably more loosened up reindeer safaris.

imposing safari lapland finland

Huskies resting amid a break

Each sledge is pulled by four huskies and the ride is in the wild – just you, your companions and huskies. The safari will likewise regularly incorporate some hot espresso or soup in the woods.

Cost: 120 euros/individual

Term: 2 hours

Cost: 160 euros/individual

Term: 4 hours

Wild supper in the backwoods

This was maybe the most sudden supper in Lapland. We began from our lodging after 7pm and drove for 30 minutes before ceasing directly amidst the timberland for supper. We halted at a stunning minimal wooden house, and rapidly went in for supper.

In contrast to our lodging, the wooden cabin was not warmed and we needed to sit in our layered winter garments, however it was totally fine by me. This was maybe the main time we ate our dinners like most Sami individuals backed in the days.

So what was made for supper? All things considered, as a vegan, I had just a couple of things to eat however I delighted in everything in any case.

Arranging an excursion


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